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Học từ vựng IELTS – Unit 25: Gadgets – Học Hay

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Video từ vựng IELTS – Unit 25: Gadgets – Học Hay

Cùng HocHay học từ vựng IELTS Unit 25: Gadgets các bạn nhé!

Từ vựng IELTS – Unit 25: Gadgets

Bài tập từ vựng IELTS Unit 25: Gadgets – Học Hay

1. Match the words a-h to pictures 1—8.

A. angle 

B. circumference 

C. diameter 

D. height 

E. length 

F. radius 

G. volume

H. width

2. Listen to the description of the pinhole camera and complete the diagram by writing the correct dimensions in gaps 1-4.



3. Use the words from the box to complete sentence pairs 1—5.

adjust         launch             reinforce           secure               suspend



A. We had to _____ the meeting because the fire alarm went off unexpectedly.

B. If you _____ the light directly above the object, you will see it’s shape more clearly.


A. When we noticed the bulge in the wall, we had to call in the builders to _____ it.

B. He produced some good data to _____ his argument.


A. You’ll, have to that camera lens to get a clear image.

B. It took me several years to _____ to the climate in Nairobi.


A. Few countries have the facilities to _____ a rocket into space.

B. The company are hoping to _____ the new phone in time for Christmas.


A. In order to buy a house, you have to _____ a loan.

B. if you want the bookcase to stay in place, you should _____ it to the wall.

4. Listen to sentences 1—5, which contain the verbs from exercise 3. Indicate the meaning of the verb in bold by circling a or b.


1. In this sentence does adjust mean:

A. change something to make it more effective?

B. get used to something?

2. In this sentence does launch mean:

A. send something into the air?

B. make something available to the public?

3. In this sentence does reinforce mean:

A. make something stronger?

B. give evidence to support an idea?

4. In this sentence does secure mean:

A. obtain?

B. fasten?

5. In this sentence does suspend mean:

A. stop or delay an activity? 

B. hang something?

Đáp án:


1 d

2 b

3 g

4 c

5 a

6 f

7 h

8 e


1 4 cm

2 12 cm

3 1 mm

4 18 cm


1 suspend

2 reinforce

3 adjust

4 launch

5 secure


1 a

2 b

3 b

4 a

5 a

Exam practise Unit 25: Gadgets

Exam practice: Listening — Labelling a diagram — Classifying

You are going to hear three students talking about a project for a course in product design. They have been instructed to create a device which will convey a ping-pong ball between two tables positioned a metre apart. Listen and match the suggestions with the person who makes them by writing the correct letter A, B or C next to questions 1—6.


1. project the ball into the air

A. Lisa 

B. Bill 

C. Omar

2. hang a paper bridge between the tables

A. Lisa 

B. Bill 

C. Omar

3. fasten the strips of paper together with clips

A. Lisa 

B. Bill 

C. Omar

4. tie the bridge to the table

A. Lisa 

B. Bill 

C. Omar

5. create a tube from the strips of paper

A. Lisa 

B. Bill 

C. Omar

6. make the structure stronger

A. Lisa 

B. Bill 

C. Omar

Đáp án:

1 C

2 B

3 A

4 C

5 A

6 B

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